Documentary Feature
90 mins. / English, French

STARS OF AGADEZ takes viewers on a captivating journey through the unique guitar music of the Sahel region, centered in Agadez, Niger. This film seamlessly blends live performances, surreal music videos, and exploration of this ancient land. It introduces the exhilarating rock guitar melodies of the Sahel to a global audience and highlights a variety of artists from the region, showcasing their distinctive sounds, personalities, and talents. Directed by Alex Bittan and produced by 3 Raum Produktionen in collaboration with Sahel Sounds, the documentary goes beyond traditional music genres, offering an intimate portrayal of the rich heritage of the traditionally nomadic Tuareg people, providing viewers with a deep insight into this mystical desert world.

  • Written & Directed by: Alex Bittan
  • Produced by: Florian Röser, Alexander Weimer, Alex Bittan
  • Executive Producers: Ryan Huffman, Katie Sarrels, Aljoscha Babel
  • Cinematography: Julian Robinet
  • Music: Etran de L’Aïr
  • In co-production with: Huffman Creative
  • In association with: Sahel Sounds

Status: In Financing