Winner Mentalities

Feature Film, Comedy-Drama
100 mins. / German

WINNER MENTALITIES is a darkly humorous comedy-drama about a career-driven capitalist who has only 24 hours to get declared mentally ill in order to avoid jail time. However, to do so, he first must survive a chaotic odyssey through the Bavarian Alps - with, of all people, the person he hates the most: his brother.

  • Directed by: Florian Röser
  • Screenplay by: Florian Röser
  • Story by: Florian Röser & Tobias von Glenck
  • Starring: Franz Hartwig, Sebastian Schwarz, Amelie Kiefer
  • Produced by: Alexander Weimer
  • Executive Producers: Aljoscha Babel, Tobias von Glenck
  • Cinematography: Max Preiss
  • Production Design: Paulina Radic
  • Music: Tobias von Glenck
  • Casting: Maria Rölcke, Cornelia Mareth

Status: In Financing